Transgender Makeover Tips Shaving and Moisturising (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

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Transgender Makeover Tips Shaving and Moisturising (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

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Makeover Tips – Skincare – Shaving and Moisturising

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Here at Style Me Quirky, makeovers are a bit of a speciality as our founder Pops knows a thing or two about gender bending makeup techniques from his POPCOX project. The first in a series of makeup tips and pointers, these blogs will give you a hand guiding you through the basics of makeover makeup. I expect you will be probably eager to jump headlong into the more exciting bit of actually getting your slap on and making yourself look pretty but skincare, shaving and preparation is really important to get the best results from a transgender makeover.

Disclosure! As a makeover service, Style Me Quirky works in partnership with TEN IMAGE professional makeup products which are available from our makeup shop. Don’t forget as well as professional makeovers we offer quirky fashion and musician makeovers, styling and photography. We also hope to provide useful interesting and entertaining blogs, photos, video and other content, if you would like to keep up with all things Quirky, you can subscribe by submitting your email in the box at the top right hand corner of this page.


Have a close shave using a good quality multi-blade razor. The trick is to use water as hot as you can take (don’t burn yourself though) and soak the razor in the hot water before you start. Shaving after having a shower is a good idea as your pores will be open and your stubble softer from the steam in the shower. Use a good shaving foam, gel or oil and make sure you shave slowly and rinse the razor frequently after every one or two strokes. You can do a full downwards shave, re-lather and then do a sideways shave over the top. We don’t advise shaving upwards, while its the ultimate close shave it can ruin your skin on the day and the long term effects can be the orange peel like pitted skin; yuck!


After shaving you must use a moisturiser. It soothes your skin and preparers it so that your makeup will adhere better. After-shave balms and moisturisers are much better these days but many are perfumed so you might want to opt for a more neutral moisturiser, there are loads available, look for all the natural ones without perfumes and other nonsense they put into them. Don’t be scared to use girls products either, I don’t care what the marketers say, a moisturiser is a moisturiser! Cheap high street options include Boots No 7 and Olay who both do value for money beauty products that do the trick. Of course we recommend our partner makeup and beauty partner range TEN IMAGE and their moisturising cream which is oil-free, hydrating and matt-finish. We like this one because its a quality product, applies well, feels refreshing and it isn’t greasy. The matt finish is important to us as a makeover service too as we need a non-greasy matt finish to apply makeup to.

After washing your face or having a shower generally, you should consider using a moisturiser and separate eye cream or gel – why not stave off those smile lines and wrinkles as long as possible? Frankly we find them nice and refreshing too and a help to those pesky dark lines and bags under the eyes that show everyone just how rock and roll your lifestyle is!

Eye Serum

Before putting your makeup on, it is also a good idea to use an eye serum, we use the TEN IMAGE Eye Contour Serum. Different from the eye cream you use as part of your skincare regime, an eye serum is a product designed not only to contribute to reducing wrinkles with vitamins, it ‘Contains soft-focus properties, which reflect light, while hiding expression signs and providing uniformity to the face’. In basic terms, it helps hide your extra eye baggage dark shades and lines and reflects light through your makeup which, not only

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Re: Transgender Makeover Tips Shaving and Moisturising (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

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i love this post :D

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