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Postby juanita s » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:02 pm

What is passability while wearing women clothes. To me this means blending in with all
of the other women around you. We worry about being tall, short, skinny, large,
big feet, big hands(me included). I have seen a lot of women who are tall,
skinny, short, large, big feet. So what does passability really mean to us.

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Re: passability

Postby jazzie » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:03 pm

I've sort or 'studied' women when ever I'd get the chance (at work, walking in a mall,
on TV). My 'research' has led me to the theory that it's not the obvious signs that
would make a MtF CD stand out as a man.

Granted, the deep voice, protruding adam's apple, lack of 'plumpness' in the face and
appendages (due to the thinner fat layer), or strong brow ridge could very well peg
you. But, being 'feminine' is more than that. To be passable, I think that that you
have to nail the feminine movements. To me, this means:

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Re: passability

Postby varelse » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:04 pm

^^ This ^^

Genevieve Swann
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Re: passability

Postby Genevieve Swann » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:04 pm

I guess when others assume you are a gender female. I was in a Walmart buying steel
toed mens work boots once and the cashier called me ma'am. I assume I passed.

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Re: passability

Postby jazzie » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:05 pm

Samantha Stone
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Re: passability

Postby Samantha Stone » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:05 pm

Passing would be nice although I don't feel that it affects my desire to
crossdress. When I'm dressed I feel
and act feminine. I do agree that feminine mannerisms is a huge part of
passing. I always am observing girls and their walk, talk, and jestures.
Hopefully it can become automatic without thinking someday.


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Re: passability

Postby MissT » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:06 pm

If it helps at all, being born a biological woman doesn't necessarily get you these
characteristics either. I grew up modeling only men because I didn't have female
influences in my household most of my life and the "feminine" way to do things
also seem to elude me. I have seen crossdressers who pull off being a woman
better than I do! In fact I swear when I went out with my bf dressed as a woman,
I am sure some people thought we both were "dressed" up.
To answer the question posed, in my opinion "passable" means that when people see you
out in public, they think you are a woman or at least they pause and are not
sure. I have seen a lot of women who look like men (and they are not trying to)
so there is a wide berth of possibilities.

With regard to the people addressing you as a woman even if they are sure you are not,
I think that if someone dresses like a woman and is obviously not trying to bring
attention to the fact they are just dressed up, that anyone with a lick of sense would
address them as they appear. My bf is not really passable but it makes his day
when someone suspends that reality and calls him a lady.

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Re: passability

Postby RhinoP » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:07 pm

There may indeed be masculine appearing women out there on the planet, however, studies
do prove by exact percentage which specific features are the most common on a male
face, most common on a female face, and how each of these particular features mix and
match up and what rate. There truly is a scale between the most masculine face on
earth, and the most female. While conservative and religious individuals may want to
believe that each type of face occurs just as often as another, the occurrence of these
faces is of the highest percentage directly in the middle; around %50 of human beings
on earth have an exactly androgynous face, while as little as %5 have "the most
masculine/female face on earth." (With the majority of those 5% having endocrine

So in my opinion, passing is more of a term for "fitting in with the majority to ease
social stress" and it is an absolute lie that just as many natal women have masculine
faces as female faces. This is not at all true, especially in age groups younger than
30. It doesn't matter if one is a female, male, MTF, or FTM, our society views a
masculine face as masculine, and a female face as female. If a woman looks like a man,
she's usually called "ugly", rather than gender adjectives. Almost any man can look
like "some woman out there". Many less can look like a pretty, attractive woman who can
truly succeed in socializing in the middle of a dating, career, or media lifestyle. I
don't believe passing is 100% about passing as male or female, but by some standards
about fitting in with the most common female adjective out there; beauty.

Let's face it, if a MTF who looks like Fred Flinstone tries to form a group of
girlfriends, tries to date at a straight bar, tries to become a news anchor or media
host, tries to become a model, tries to become a school teacher, tries to do any of the
major activities that make up a normal woman's life, they probably will not succeed;
it's the same way with natal women who look just as masculine. That's why natal women
often also partake in plastic surgery and hormone regulation; both society and science
agrees that no woman should look like a man. There's plenty of endocrine disorders that
classify natal women who look like men. Why would a true MTF (not a crossdresser) be
happy looking like a woman who has Acromegaly or other likewise endocrine disorders?

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Re: passability

Postby Annah » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:07 pm

Rhino, these studies you speak of are not studies. These are your own

Unless you place links to your sources to prove these as factual or that you got it
from somewhere else they remain to be your opinions that you made up.

One example is this:

Where in the world did you come up with this? It is so untrue that it's mind boggling.
It's almost as if you make up things and pretend them to be factual.

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Re: passability

Postby Cindy0 » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:08 pm


However, the artist's main point is that a lot of people have faces that fall in the
mid-range where it is quite possible by altering your gender expression to tip the
balance in your favour. While it is true that extremely masculine women are unlikely -
women with gender neutral or somewhat masculine faces do exist. While the extreme -
having every single feminine feature - is very unusual. Despite the name of the site,
she is actually very conservative in her suggestions for surgery.

On the other hand while it is true that there are women with big feet or big hands or
broad shoulders or no ass or small chests or prominent chins or brow ridges or adam's
apples or sharp jaws or big noses - it is unlikely for one woman to have all of the
above. It is more of a tipping point - more feminine features (whether built in or
crafted with clothing/makeup/etc.) and people will see you as female, more masculine
features and people will see you as male. Not all features are equally weighted, but
neither are any individually going to inevitably gender you male in another's eyes.
Except voice.

That's all my opinion of course. Based on some evidence, but still opinion.

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