TG Caption Fiction: Bed

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TG Caption Fiction: Bed

Postby lycorcatsuit » Sat May 19, 2018 8:18 am

Have not write a story for a long time. please support and if u have any comments, feel free to write it. Favorite it if you like it. Thank You! :) (Smile)

Here's the story if its too small

Jacob and I are excited for the upcoming Sarah world tour concert in Chicago. We were best friends since young.

It was a chilly winter night that day when Sarah world tour concert was at. The concert ended at 11pm. I was so lazy to go back home as my house takes me around an hour to be back while Jacob’s house was only 10 mins away so I decided to stay at Jacob house for that night.

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[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-2961:2d3f4551][img:2d3f4551][/img:2d3f4551][/url:2d3f4551]
When I reach Jacob house, I was feeling cold and tired but both of us wanted to watch the Legends of League finals as we love the game a lot the schedule for that game will start at 1am. After both of us took our bath, Jacob call for a bet, he says lets bet if EDG (1st team) or BKT (2nd team) is going to win. Jacob said BKT and I strongly said EDG. Jacob than continue, if I am right you are going to sleep at my basement today but if I am wrong I will listen to whatever u say [url=]crossdressing[/url:2d3f4551].

Being confident, I replied “sure, I am going to win anyway. EDG is a strong team.”

After the game ended. BKT won EDG at 3-2. I cannot believe it. EDG lost to a noob team? What on Earth is going on! I actually lost?? Starting to get worry, I started to ask quickly, is there anything at your basement?

Jacob replied with a smile ‘’ nope, it’s just that there’s a special bed for u to sleep in and it’s already meant for you from the start.

[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-5474:2d3f4551][img:2d3f4551][/img:2d3f4551][/url:2d3f4551]

I replied in a sadly and confused matter and as it was getting late, I couldn’t care more and started to sleep on that bed.

In the middle of the night, I suddenly felt pain and shouted, I woke up in a hurry and when I try to get up, there was a pain in my chest, I quickly on the light and to my horror I was naked. I saw myself changing to be…. I didn’t know what to say…. I tried getting out of the bed but I couldn’t, something was holding me back

I started to scream but I realize that it wasn’t my actual voice. It was a gentle, cute and sweet female voice. I was shocked! Soon my leg became little tighter, smooth and thinner. My whole body started to shrink. Later I feel something was happening to my upper body and I realize it was my chest. Soon it started to vibrate and realize that my [url=]breast[/url:2d3f4551] started to form and they bounce up and down as I was struggling.

[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-5569:2d3f4551][img:2d3f4551][/img:2d3f4551][/url:2d3f4551]

My breath started to accelerate as I saw myself [url=]transforming[/url:2d3f4551]. My hair started to grow longer than ever, My hips became wider and I started to think. If I am changing does that mean that my penis… I quickly look down at my crotch. I saw my penis shrinking and my testes disappearing. Shortly after I saw myself having a Vagina, and saw that I was actually getting wet.

After changing completely to a girl, I was no longer stuck and I could move. I couldn’t believe it in my own eyes and I started touching them to see if I was really a girl. As I touch my wet vagina, I started to moan as it felt sensitive and actually getting excited. I couldn’t resists this at all and started to masturbate.

[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-5571:2d3f4551][img:2d3f4551][/img:2d3f4551][/url:2d3f4551]

Jacob was watching me masturbating when he came to me and started laughing. Jacob than told me that the bed would alter the gender of anyone that slept on it, turning them into the opposite gender. I wanted to quickly yell at Jacob to change me back but I started to give a second thought that I actually like this body I am having now and told him “I love my [url=]new body[/url:2d3f4551]”

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