Crossdress TG story Part 1

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Crossdress TG story Part 1

Postby lycorcatsuit » Sun May 13, 2018 1:36 pm

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[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-5303:2dc56afe][img:2dc56afe][/img:2dc56afe][/url:2dc56afe]

A crossdress [url=]TG[/url:2dc56afe] story with bestfriend. please support and if u have any comments, feel free to write it. Favorite it if you like it. Thank You!

Anime Cosplay Event is coming up in 10 days time. My best friend and I decided to crossdress for the very 1st time since both of us had the passion to do so. Louis, my best friend, decided to go for shopping the following day however we did not know any [url=]crossdress shop[/url:2dc56afe] as we were new to crossdressing.

I decided to do some research for some crossdress shop in Google. After about half an hour, I found a website that sells nice and beautiful crossdress items. The website was very appealing and it even mention in caps ‘’Ever wanted to feel like a female? Come and visit us now!!’’

I immediately told Louis about the shop and we were so excited about the visit the next day.
The next day, Louis and I visited the shop. The shop is so huge and it felt that everything that we needed was here.

[url=]CHERRY POPPER[/url:2dc56afe]                     STARTING AT: $260.00

[*:2dc56afe]The Cherry Popper is a very soft pigmented (1st color) silicone vagina, which stays moist and never dries out. The skin is baby smooth
[*:2dc56afe]The prosthetic is just 3/4" thick and 100% seamless. The straps are molded together based upon your measurements, which allows the Cherry Popper to fit just like a tight thong.
[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-5305:2dc56afe][img:2dc56afe][/img:2dc56afe][/url:2dc56afe]

Louis wanted to [url=]crossdress[/url:2dc56afe] as Asuna from Sword Art Online and I wanted to crossdress as Isla from Plastic Memories. We ran and find the dress we wanted. The shop Lady, Mrs Dora tells us what we need to make sure our crossdress looks amazing and tell us tips too.
Mrs Dora and her assistant help us put some make-up, gave us a wig and a stuffed bra. Mrs Dora told us to strip naked so that it would be easier for her and her assistant. After we striped naked, She put on a stuffed bra into my chest and she gave us a panties for us to wear. It really felt weird and in the same time, it felt really good.
She shaved our leg hair and cut a little bit on our eyebrown to give us a more [url=]feminine look[/url:2dc56afe]. Afterwards, Mrs Dora put on the corset for us. Soon the assistant told us that our dress has been altered. Louis and I decided to try it on.
We looked really amazing and pretty. On that moment I started to talk to myself and said ‘Is this me?’. I am so beautiful and Louis you too. You really looked like a real female!
Mrs Dora smiled and to finish off our new looks, she help us put on the headband and accessories while we put on the stockings and wear our shoes.

[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-5307:2dc56afe][img:2dc56afe][/img:2dc56afe][/url:2dc56afe]
After completed, we purchased what we were wearing and choose not to take it off. Louis says that he wanted to drop by my house first since it was early and he was a little shy to show his younger sister how he look right now [url=]crossdressing[/url:2dc56afe].
We took the public transport home and in 30 minutes, we reached. After that, Louis helped me open my house door and when it was open, I checked that no one else was at home. As soon as I wanted to go to the toilet to pee, I felt pain in my penis. My chest and butt felt hot. I wanted to remove what I was wearing and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t. Afterwards I realise that Louis was feeling the same too.

[url=" rel=attachment wp-att-5309:2dc56afe][img:2dc56afe][/img:2dc56afe][/url:2dc56afe]
My legs felt [url=]smooth and thinner[/url:2dc56afe]. My butt and chest became to expand. My adam apple got sucked in and realizing that my manhood was disappearing! My face started to reshaped and this time I really look like a real female! I started to panic and had no idea was going on. Soon my penis started to shrink and soon it became a vagina. I was rooted to the ground and decided to touch my private part to really feel it. As soon as touch it, I blushed and started to moan. OMG I HAVE A VAGINA!! WHERES MY PENIS? Afterwards, I heard a loud moan from Louis too and decided to check on Louis.

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