A Fix

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A Fix

Postby Kerry30Den » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:05 pm

I seldom test "my" links ("my art," "," etc.) listed in the left sidebar of this blog. Lo and behold, today I wanted to view "my " and the link did not work. I tested "my" other links and they did not work either!

"My" links and the "send me " link were all contained within one Blogger gadget and they all used to work in a previous time. Something in must have changed.

I guessed correctly that the e-mail Javascript no longer got along with "my" html links, so I separated them. The e-mail is now in one gadget and the html links in another gadget.

[product sku=0629DC]
[product sku=6917]

Now everything works again. Go figure!

Vincent Beier, male model
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